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Dark Web turns 20 this month

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While we’re all being encouraged to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ as we wash our hands to ward off the COVID-19 virus, you might like to know that you can sing it to the Dark Web, which turns 20 this month.

To mark the occasion digital risk management company Groupsense hasn’t baked a cake but it has produced an infographic of the Dark Web’s timeline.

Key events include the release of the Onion Router in September 2002, and becoming a not-for-profit project in 2006. The creation of Bitcoin allowing payments to be made anonymously happened in January 2009.

Other landmark moments include the use of the Dark Web by ISIS in 2015, major data breaches and the release of the Collection #1 data in 2019.

You can see the full graphic below or on the Groupsense site.

Dark Web's time line


hidden wiki links 2020-dark web sites-deepweb news

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